The Vicinity / Beautiful Moselle

Nature, Wine and Culture await you!

hafen bernkastel-kuesThe middle region of the Moselle river with its town of vines and wines – Bernkastel-Kues – offers you the opportunity to discover three cultural landscapes all at once. Gently curving, the Moselle meanders, nestled between the steep vineyards, upon which ripen high-quality wines – to the left, the Eifel, to the right, the Hunsruck.

Explore this wonderful natural landscape with its 2000-year-old history and enjoy time after time the view over the winding river.

Moselle Riverboats


Eifel Park Klotten

Enjoy this unique cultural landscape from the river itself. As the many small towns glide by, you will learn much about the nature and culture of the Moselle area.   The park in Klotten is situated on a plateau above the town, and is a combination of game park and amusement park. Here, you can ride the waves on the water course and at the same time experience animals close up.
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Panorama Railway


Cyclist Bus

Discover the many faces of the town of Bernkastel-Kues on a trip aboard the Panorama Railway. The tour begins at the Gestade station and takes you through the historic old town, returning via the vineyards in district of Kues.   If you'd like to take a cycling tour but would prefer to get back to the starting point in comfort, then the Cyclist Bus is just the thing for you. A number of Regio Cyclist Busses link the Eifel, Hunsruck or the Ruwer Hochwald and the Moselle.
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Burg Landshut Express


Bicycle Rental

The yellow Burg Express winds its way laboriously through the sloping vineyards up the steep hill to Castle Landshut. Enjoy the wonderful view over the town of the vines and wines and of the whole Moselle valley.   You left your own bicycle at home, but would like to go on a cycling tour? In Bernkastel-Kues you have the choice of several bicycle rental companies.
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Mini golf


Motor Bike Riding

Aim, check the striking force and swing! Mini-golf is fun and entertainment for the whole family. Along the Moselle you will find a number of mini-golf courses, among them some of the oldest in Germany.   What could be finer than cruising the winding trails up into the Eifel and Hunsruck heights or simply just along the river? Tips for trips and maps can be obtained free of charge at reception.



FN Motor Bike Meeting

There are films that simply have to be seen in the cinema, because the cinema experience is just different: a big screen, sound fills the air around you, and nothing can replace the smell of fresh popcorn!   Every year in the third week in September, lovers of the old FN Motorbikes, first made in Belgium in 1901, meet in Bernkastel-Kues. Here, friends and enthusiasts can marvel at the old timers and talk shop with their owners.
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Whether in the summer, in the open-air pool or in the colder months in the indoor or leisure-pool, you are spoilt for choice on the Moselle. Along the river you will find indoor swimming pools with competition pools as well as thermal baths or leisure pools for the whole family.   Hiking in the Moselle's wine culture country has been a source of elation for time out of mind because of its splendid views. The latest attraction, the “Moselstieg” with its 24 legs, is one of the most varied long-distance footpaths and has already been awarded the title “Quality Walking in Germany”.
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